Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We are posting rosaries that we have of genuine elephant ivory, red sea coral, pearls, gemstones and more. For information, visit or contact or

52) GENUINE ELEPHANT IVORY & SILVER ROSARY WITH UNIQUE CROSS & LADY OF GUADALUPE CENTER MEDAL- This rosary is much nicer than the pictures show. This is a rare ivory rosary made from pre-ban elephant ivory beads and sterling silver. The remarkable features about this rosary are the Cross and Center Medal. The Cross shows two figures at the foot of the Cross; there are skulls at the lower end of the Cross. The Cross is huge measuring 2 by 3inches; likewise it is a heavy solid piece. The Center Medal is also unique showing Our Lady of Guadalupe, and measuring 1 1/4 by 1 3/4 inches. Each ivory bead measures a large 10 mm in size. There are silver spacers with lovely etched pattern. The beads measure approx. 10mm. The necklace part measures a very long 40 inches, and the dangling part is another 10 inches. The rosary weighs 103.5 grams. Ivory and silver rosaries such as this were fit for kings, cardinals and royalty in the olden days.

10) SILVER FILIGREE AND GENUINE CORAL ROSENKRANZ ROSARY - We acquired some antique rosenkranz rosaries, which are typical of Bavaria/Southern Germany. Called Rosenkranz, these rosaries were used from the 17th to 18th century. The original condition of this one was pathetic, with broken strings and beads in a sorry state. We restored it, using the original main filigree Cross, Credo Cross, and Pater Beads with sterling silver metal and genuine handcut genuine coral beads. The main filigree Cross has a ceramic image of the Crucified Christ, with a repair.. The back shows another cross-shaped ceramic, also with a repair. The repair areas are not really noticeable and reflects the old age of this item. The main Cross measures 3 1/2 by 2 2/3 inches. There is a Credo Cross (to remind one to pray for Faith, Hope, and Charity), above the Main Cross, which measures 1 inch by 1 inch. The necklace part of the rosary measures 38inches; the dangling part is 9 inches. The coral beads are irregular in shape, some larger than others; the largest is around 15mm, and the shortest is around 10 mm. The rosary weighs a hefty 117.2 grams. This is a beautiful rosary with a lot of history.

26) ANTIQUE IVORY OR BONE STANHOPE ROSARY WITH LEATHER CASE - The picture makes this rosary look small, but it is regular sized - note the size of the beads and length. It is an antique rosary made of carved ivory or bone. Each Ave Maria bead is approximate 7 mm; and the Pater beads are bigger at around 8-9mm. The necklace part of this rosary is 24 inches. The dangling part is around 5 inches. Typical of some early 1900s rosaries, there is no center medal. The Cross is made of carved bone or ivory and it has a small peephole through which one can see the image of Mary. This rare rosary is in very nice sturdy condition, and it comes with a handsome brown leather case.

34) GENUINE AMBER ROSARY FROM POLAND - This rosary was acquired in Poland. It is made of genuine Baltic amber and silver (not marked as sterling, and not tested). The beads are irregular in shape, making for a very charming effect. Each bead is approx. 8mm in size. The necklace part measures 32 inches, and the dangling part from the center medal to the tip of the cross is 6 3/4 inches. The rosary weighs 30.7 grams. The amber beads have very lovely and lively lemon color.

35) STERLING SILVER AND GENUINE AMBER ROSARY - From Poland comes this beautiful amber and sterling silver rosary. The amber beads are irregular bead-shaped with very a very lovely cognac color. The necklace part measures 28 inches long and the dangling part from the center medal to the tip of the cross measures 5 1/2 inches. The center medals shows Mary holding the Baby Jesus; the back shows the image of Pope John Paul II (his head, in sideview), making this a nice memento of that great Pope. The rosary weighs 17.0 grams. This rosary feels very comfortable in the hand.

42) FRENCH CARDINAL 1896 MOTHER OF PEARL AND SILVER ROSARY - We acquired this in Lyon, France, and our source said this rosary belonged to the Cardinal of Nimes, France. One side of the medals shows initials that look like "S.B." and the other side says, "25 Avril 1896." We think this belonged to the Bishop Felix-Auguste Bejuinot, who was born in 1836 and who died in 1921. This rosary is made of silver and huge beads of mother of pearl. Each Hail Mary bead is approx. 8mm in size; the Pater Bead is 10mm in size. The necklace part measures 27 inches long; and the dangling part from the center medal to the tip of the cross is another 8 inches. The mother of pearl cross measures 1 2/3 by almost 1 inch. Everything is very substantial and solid. The mother of pearl beads are slightly irregular as they were handcut; this adds to the charm of the piece. The rosary weighs 55.7 grams, and it comes with its own brown leather case. This is a serious item for the serious collector.

46) ANTIQUE CORAL ROSARY, FRENCH, 1920s, GILT, VERY RARE- We acquired this rosary from France. This is a magnificent rosary made of genuine sea coral beads, each measuring approx. 4mm in size. The rosary is in excellent condition. It has splendid medals for Pater beads; the medals show the image of Mary on one side and Jesus on the other. The Cross measures 1 by 1 1/2 inches; it has beautiful details, much nicer than the picture shows. The back of the Cross is inscribed "Souvenir de Lourdes." The necklace part measures 25 inches; the dangling part from the Center Medal to the tip of the Cross measures 5 4/5 inches. The Center Medal has a lovely ornate design surrounding the image of Mary; the back of the Center Medal is unmarked. The metals is gilt and is in very nice condition, with a lot of gold. The color of our picture is slightly off; the actual color of the coral beads is more orangey or the traditional coral color. It weighs 15/8 grams. This is a rare antique rosary from the Deco or 1920s era.

62) GENUINE ELEPHANT IVORY AND STERLING SILVER ROSARY WITH ANGEL- This is a rare ivory rosary made from pre-ban elephant ivory beads and sterling silver. The ivory beads are very lovely; they have a pattern on them, like ridges - very lovely! The necklace part of the rosary measures approx. 36 inches; and the dangling part is 8 1/2 inches. The beads measure bead measure approx. 10mm. The rosary weighs a hefty 59.8grams. The Cross is very handsome as is the Center Medal which shows an angel. They are unmarked but are mde of sterling silver. This rosary is much nicer than the pictures show. Genuine elephant ivory rosaries are very hard to find such as this one with lovely ridged beads.

65) ANTIQUE FRENCH GARNET ROSARY WITH 2 MEDALS - This rosary is nicer than the picture shows. It is an antique from France, and we were told the beads are garnet, although we have not tested it and these could be antique glass that used to be made to imitate garnet. The beads are irregularly cut, and have variations in color - some beads darker, some lighter. Each bead measures approx. 4 mm in size. The Cross measures 1 by 5/8 inch. The necklace part measures 18 inches and the dangling part from the Center Medal to the tip of the Cross is another 4 1/4 inches. The rosary weighs 13.8 grams. There are two antique medals attached to the rosary. One shows Mary with a crown, holding Jesus with St. Benedict? kneeling in front of them. The reverse shows the image of the Sacred Heart. The other medal shows the Cross and the reverse shows the image looking like a Bishop or Patriarch. There are inscriptions all around which are fine and difficult to read; they seem to be Latin. The Center Medal shows the lovely image of Mary; and the reverse if blank. The medals are in themselves collectible. We believe this hails from the late 1800s